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Community Building

Undergraduate Project

Roles: UX Research, UI Design, Frontend Development

Team: Ash Logan, Sunny Thorne, Natasha Dion


The Emily Carr Campus has a void of social spaces and is lacking community cohesion. Communication channels are often fragmented and it is difficult to communicate and engage with the student body outside of a cohort. How might we find ways to build community and engage with each other.


Revive the defunct radio emily - complete with broadcasting booth as a digital and physical space where any student can broadcast and other students can tune in and listen.

Cultural Probe

We created a cultural probe kit full of activities for our research participants to complete. The probe kit itself was designed to acquire subjective data about their experiences with and around the idea of community. From our completed kits we determined that ritual and consistency were crucial elements in trying to create community bonds.


Noticing the defunct space of Radio Emily, we decided to center a co-creation session around it to gauge interest. The idea of radio, along with the history of campus radio, resonated with our findings from the probe kit. We facilitated a discussion around how it could be revived and did some brainstorming activities with participants around creating their own radio shows.


As part of trying to revive Radio Emily a website was created that featured a live internet audio stream for students to broadcast their shows. This site also includes a schedule populated from a google calendar, an archives section for past shows, and a sign up section for students with show ideas.